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East Yorkshire fire services is a business based north yorkshire that cover the whole off Yorkshire and further. We try our best to provide a friendly service and try and keep you and your business safe by supplying you with a wide range of fire protection. Fire protection is fire extinguishers to smoke alarms, fire alarms, fire risk assements and emergency lighting. It is all needed in a place of work. Especially if you have the public on site.

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Basic Site Servicing

A basic site service is where would look at all the extinguishers and check them all over to see if there was any physically damage. Once we are happy with the extinguisher we sign the label on the extinguisher to show it has had its annual check. In the basic site servicing we would check where the extinguisher is stored and make sure that there are the correct signs and that the brackets etc are all in good codition and the extinguisher is placed in a sutible area. All these check are under B.S.I 5306 part 3 portable maintanince. 


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